About us

For centuries, hand woven baskets have been an essential ingredient to our way of life. Peoples, in all cultures, around the world, have discovered the simplicity and intrinsic value of basketware. Pre-historic man made a variety of tools from bone to create crude yet refined styles of basketry. Baskets made by the indigenous peoples of North America were known for their beauty and technical perfection. Across the Pacific, baskets were made primarily for utility and versatility. Materials such as reed, rush, cane, sisal fiber, rattan palm, bamboo, coconut, raffia and sedge were woven to produce jars, bowls, trays, planters and hampers. Like our ancestors, we continue to find both practical and decorative uses for basketware today and it is truly amazing that each basket is still painstakingly woven by hand.

In searching for a product that stood the test of time, and recognizing their usefulness, durability and decorative appeal, Island Basket & Trading Company, in 1987, embarked on a journey of selecting the finest hand woven products from the Orient, to import and wholesale, initially to the floral industry, as containers for floral arrangements and plants. The sale of our product soon spread to a variety of industries that would utilize our products, primarily as a container to showcase their goods. The broad appeal of our products has allowed them to be found in the workplace of manufacturers and retailers alike, in industries such as floral, gourmet food & beverage, fruit & produce, wine & spirit, confectionary, hospitality, bath & beauty, cosmetic, home & garden, gift and other trades.

In recent years, we have searched to find new and interesting ways for our customers to containerize and market their goods. The introduction of pottery, paper, tinware, wire, glass and picks, have proven to be a versatile mixture of products allowing our customers access to a range of materials and textures to compliment their fine product lines. The addition of packaging supplies has given those in the gift basket industry a choice of accessories to add value to their presentations. We import our own shrink film and domed-shaped shrink bags, as well as, stock and distribute shredded packing materials, clear and printed BOPP films & bags, pull bows, pre-notched bows, ribbons, raffia, enclosure cards, envelopes, boxes and more. Most our products are stocked and shipped from a central distribution area allowing for control, convenience and timely shipment schedules.

As a family owned and operated business, we recognize the value of cooperation. We pride ourselves in customer care, where each customer is given reliable, trustworthy responses to their needs. Moreover, the friendships we build, through dedicated cooperation and service, are the true treasures of business.

We owe a sincere debt of gratitude to the wisdom of the artists and craftsmen around the world, whose meticulous selection of materials, fine workmanship and creativity, enable us to provide you with the finest containers and packaging supplies in the industry.